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请各位帮我翻译一篇演讲急用 主题是sail your dream 拜托拜托,若好的话再加分,我怕打水漂~~~~·~~··~

2021年04月28日 15:31:271940编辑

Truman said: the dream is the heart of thought, is our secret love.
Dream is a wonderful feeling. A life full of passionate people should abandon their own mind.
Once my initial dream is to become a gourmet, taste the food all over the world, I like no troubles sat at the table with my family.
Hours of dream and maybe naive, little by little, I grew up, trouble followed, then I suddenly dream for the clouds, wind, where to go, into the rain, rain and cloud had become.
And then later? I hope for a bird. Because birds have a pair of wings, flies, although tiny, but you can hug hugging flight of the blue sky, warm, may have to fight with the wind and rain, but lives after trial, be stronger, more emotional.
However, I cannot, therefore, I decided to use their own way to start a journey — I can become a traveller. Open your own way, even from my feet, the feel of different civilizations and enthusiasm.
Until now, this direction has not been changed. Perhaps, this may not be able to realize a dream — not have dreams, will bear fruit. The ideal is that, I think she's implementation is not all, it is important that she brings the beauty of the soul. I think she is a tireless pursuit, has nothing to do with the person, and regardless of age, she is a help to me and help others.
As long as there is a wonderful hearts desire, whether or not come true, she would exist — in my heart. As always, always tough guidelines encourage strong direction.
Let us dream sea journey, don't miss myself.