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为配合我市举行的“6·5世界环境日”万人骑自行车城区环游活动,请你根据提示要求写一篇以“Lower Carbon

2022年01月16日 02:46:23680

Lower Carbon, Happier Life
It ’ s our duty to save the environment . On June 5th, I will go to school by bike or on foot instead of taking the bus. And I will also ask my parents to ride bikes to work that day. At home, we will use energy-saving lamps and spend less time when we are taking a shower. Don’t throw away the used textbooks and leave them to the students of lower grades. At the same time, I will tell my parents to take bags when they go shopping. I will turn off the lights before leaving the room.
Lower carbon, happier life. Let ’ s take actions.