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关于骑自行车郊游的日记 英语

2022年01月21日 06:18:19360

i went bike riding with my famil today, it was really fun.we left our house this morning at 10:00, the weather was beautiful. the sun shining on us and the fresh touch of wind brushing pass our faces.we went on a hilly route, because that's more fun and adventurous. we have to pedal ourselves up the hill and then enjoy the fast and exciting time down hills.occationally, there are horses on the road, we have to be extra careful not to scare the gets windier in the countryside, but we didn't mind that at all. some farmers are working in their field and we even saw some farm animals.we stopped at a pub for lunch. it was very relaxing sitting outside the pub having a meal. everything seem so new and original. it was a comfortable and enjoyable meal.after lunch, we were on our way back home. we went on to the same hills again but going backwards this time, which means the hill we were going down on in the first place have become the hill that we have to climb. it was complete different journey home, all of us was tired but we still kept a smile on our face because it was a fun and exciting day for us, we enjoyed it very much.